My thoughts distract me from mindfulness.

My thoughts distract me. A mindfulness drawing.


My thoughts distract me from stillness. I dwell in the illusions of past and future.
I grasp at my feelings, but they are now imagined.
Thoughts have taken me away from the stillness.

Many years ago I found an apple tree growing out of a grave. It was a powerful image for me, as I have always loved the story of the Tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. I now think of the Tree of Knowledge as the Tree of Thoughts.

In the painting I am distracted by the Tree of thoughts. My ego exists in these thoughts. It tempts me into a continuous internal dialogue, which distracts me from the stillness of the present moment. With thoughts come all my illusions of self and form. With thoughts, I no longer am present in paradise. I am distracted from being mindful of the present moment. Only in mindfulness am I truely alive.

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