Pa Kua or Bagua symbol

Bagua symbol.
Please note Frame and mount not included.
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Pa Kua or Bagua symbol

Limited edition prints (500).
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Printed on handmade acid free A3 paper.
Approx image size 21cmx x 31.5cm
£220 inc P&P

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The pursuit of knowledge.

Within the Bagua or Pa Kua symbol is the presence of wisdom.

The Bagua symbol represents the constantly changing forces of the universe. Each of the eight sides of the symbol features long (yang) and short (yin) lines known as Yao symbols. The lines are in various combinations and represent the following:
Heaven: Quian or Chien
Earth: Kun
Fire: Li
Water: Kan
Lake: Dui
Wind: Xun
Thunder: Zhen
Mountains: Gen

In the center of the bagua is a yin yang symbol. This represents the balance of the earth, you and your life. Within us all is this balance which we can find. Like in the hub of a wheel, in the centre there is calm and stillness to be found.

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