The space between thoughts print in frame.

Limited edition signed print.

The space between thoughts
There is no identification with form or self, in the space between thoughts.

£85 including p&p (Frame and mount not included ).
Hand signed and numbered prints limited to a total run of 500.
Archival Giclee print on acid free 220g/m2 high quality watercolour paper.

Archival Giclee prints are produced using very high quality inks producing a high level of quality and longevity. The above image is an example of the type of framing we use but please note the frame and mount is not included in the price. The actual size of the image (including a margin to show the signature and number) is 20.5cm x 29cm.

We recommend you frame your print with a deep mount of approximately 10-15cm and a simple wooden frame. This makes the overall frame size approximately 45cm x 55cm.

Delivery is included in the price. Your print will be sent in a strong tube to the 'shipping information' you provide during the paypal purchase procedure. Any problems, please contact me at

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The space between thoughts

This painting was inspired by reading various Buddhist teachings along with quotes about letting thoughts go and finding the space beyond thought. In finding this space, I realise that I am not my thoughts. Thoughts are about the past and future, creating their own illusion of what is. Reality is only in the present moment, where there are no thoughts. There is no identification with form or self, in the space between thoughts.

"Pay attention to the gap - the gap between two thoughts, the brief, silent space between words in a conversation, between the notes of a piano or flute, or the gap between the in-breath and the out-breath. When you pay attention to those gaps, awareness of 'something' becomes - just awareness. The formless dimension of pure conciousness arises from within you and replaces identification with form."
- Eckhart Tolle
"I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist. I’m the space between what I’d like to be and what others made of me. Just let me be at ease and all by myself in my room."
- Fernando Pessoa

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