Identity drawing.
The creation of self.

I identify with my thoughts, creating past and future, ego and duality.

The delusion of the separate self. Edinburgh artist Mike Heseltine.
The delusion of the separate self.

I feel I have a 'self' that is fixed and unchanging. It is 'me'. But I am made up of parts that are constantly changing and this 'me' that I identify with, are just thoughts, feelings and perceptions, whose very nature are fleeting and impermanent. Everything is constantly in a state of change and everything is in harmony with everything else. I am not separate from this continual flow of impermanence, but part of it.
My existence is dependent upon everything else existing as it is in this moment. On the surface, the purpose of the delusion of a separate self is to help me navigate the world. It helps me function and stay alive. But when I take this dilusion too seriously, it leads to suffering. I become attached to things and wish them to remain permanent.
If I can also be aware that a sense of self is a delusion, then I become aware of the interdependence of all things and the oneness of all things.
In that awareness of 'no self', we all live forever.

The constant chatter in my mind by artist Heseltine.
The constant chatter in my mind

Thoughts steal my awareness of what is. My thoughts are always about the imagined past or the imagined future. The constant chatter distracts me from the present moment, where life is. I find my self in a world I create, often full of confrontation and anticipated problems, but never reality.
Reality does not exist in my thoughts.

A place empty of separation by artist Heseltine.
A place empty of separation. A place of stillness.

When the stillness of the tomb takes away my thoughts,
then the words " I ", " me " and " mine " go with them.

Stillness by Mike Heseltine.
Connected by stillness.

The words I and you have no meaning picture. M Heseltine.
A place where the words ' I ' and ' You ' have no meaning.

A chance encounter with nature, such as seeing an owl hovering at dusk, brings me into the present moment.
Like entering a sacred place, the owl gives me stillness.
Its presence beckons me to a place where the words ' I ' and ' You ' have no meaning.

Acceptance of Impermanence. Acrylic & charcoal print.
Acceptance of impermanence.

An owl brought stillness.
An owl brought stillness.

An owl hovered above Rosanna and I.
With no thoughts, we became the present moment,
where time stands still and life is.

The space between thoughts.
The space between thoughts.

We are our ancestors painting.
We are our ancestors

My ancestors live on in me painting.
All my ancestors are alive in this moment.

Between stillness. Charcoal and paint.
The thoughts between stillness.

Labyrinth painting.
A journey to that which is within.

The being beyond form painting.
The being beyond form.

Empty of a self painting.
Empty of a self.

looking within by Mike Heseltine.
Looking within.

Picture of waves.
Like waves in the ocean, we are eternally connected.

Self. Charcoal and acrylic painting.

Finding stillness. Buddhist art.
Finding stillness.

Life. Everything is one.

Painting called Witness by M Heseltine.

Creation. Acrylic & charcoal painting.


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