Finding Stillness

A visit to a cathedral....
Die before you die

As I enter the cathedral, I think of all the lives that have been brought together by this place. I feel the sun and the moon coming together, creating stillness.

The tree of thoughts painting.

I am filled with my thoughts, separated from the stillness I witness.

The constant chatter in my mind picture

These thoughts are all creations from my past and imagined future. These thoughts never let me see what is.

I create my story.

I live in the constant chatter of my mind, where I am king.

I only see my thoughts.

My thoughts are what I choose to see.

I only see my thoughts.

When I look at you, what I see is me.

The illusion of self painting by Mike Heseltine

As I look at a tomb I become aware that I am because of every previous life.

The burden of self by Mike Heseltine

My personal story is an illusion.

I am not my thoughts

While I observe my thoughts, I become an awareness beyond my thoughts.

Space Between thoughts. Art by Mike Heseltine

I become the space between thoughts.

Drawing of Letting go

In that space, I am the stillness of the Cathedral.

Finding stillness by artist Mike Heseltine

With no thoughts, I am the sun and the moon as one.

Die before you die

I let go of all things and only the ego dies.

In stillness picture

In stillness we are all one.

What we have is enough painting.

In stillness, what we have is enough.

My stillness painting

My stillness is your stillness.

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