Identity drawing.
The creation of self.

I identify with my thoughts, creating past and future, ego and duality.

Burden of self. Drawing by Mike Heseltine artist.
The burden of self.

The burden of maintaining a self causes my suffering.

The illusion of the separate self. Edinburgh artist Mike Heseltine.
The illusion of the separate self.

When I become aware of my thoughts, I see the spaces between my thoughts.
In those spaces, everything is connected and empty of separation.
In that place beyond thoughts, we live forever.

A place empty of separation by artist Heseltine.
A place empty of separation

The tree of knowledge brought me the illusion of a separate self.
The stillness of the tomb reunites us.

Stillness by Mike Heseltine.
Connected by stillness.

The words I and you make no sense picture. M Heseltine.
The words ' I ' and ' You ' make no sense.

Acceptance of Impermanence. Acrylic & charcoal print.
Acceptance of impermanence.

An owl brought stillness.
An owl brought stillness.

The space between thoughts.
The space between thoughts.

We are our ancestors painting.
We are our ancestors

My ancestors live on in me painting.
All my ancestors are alive in this moment.

Between stillness. Charcoal and paint.
The thoughts between stillness.

Labyrinth painting.
A journey to that which is within.

The being beyond form painting.
The being beyond form.

Empty of a self painting.
Empty of a self.

Picture of waves.
Like waves in the ocean, we are eternally connected.

Self. Charcoal and acrylic painting.

Finding stillness. Buddhist art.
Finding stillness.

Life. Everything is one.

Painting called Witness by M Heseltine.

Creation. Acrylic & charcoal painting.


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