Recent drawings exploring ancient symbols and Buddhist teachings.



Seed of life

Om symbol


The sound of oneness and nothingness.
The sound of the word of God.

Lakota symbol with Ankh

Present moment and owl

Present moment

An owl hovered above us.

In that moment, what we had was enough.

Ancestors live on in us

The spirals of life

Witnessing thoughts

Witnessing thoughts

If we can witness our thoughts, we become the presence beyond thought. In the drawing, the image of who I am is an illusion, created by my thoughts. I wear my crown, created by my ego. Through stillness, I see myself from the wisdom of the Buddha leaf and the Eye of Providence.
I am now more than my thoughts.

Witnessing thoughts Limited Edition Print

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I only see my thoughts.

Mandala of circles

Ancestors live in us

Mike Heseltine artist